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              Welcome to the official website of Changzhou Zhuangyuan Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd!

              ABOUT US

              Company   Profile

              Changzhou Zhuangyuan Electric Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Changzhou Zhuangyuan Electric Appliance Factory) produces induction heater, gear heater, motor shell heater, ring gear heater, piston heater and other power frequency induction heaters. The company is located in Changzhou Wujin high tech Zone in the Yangtze River Delta. It is a modern scientific and technological innovation enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacture and sales of induction heating equipment. Zhuangyuan Electric has a group of engineering and technical personnel who have been engaged in the research and development of induction heating technology for many years. They have been committed to the special design of electromagnetic induction technology for a long time. Their strong technical force provides a strong technical guarantee for Zhuangyuan electric to reach the international advanced level.

              On the basis of independent innovation, the company actively introduces foreign technology, continuously improves the technical content and optimizes the product performance. At present, the company has formed seven series of more than 100 specifications: all kinds of induction heaters, gear ring heaters, motor aluminum shell heaters, heavy-duty heaters, wheel center and tyre heaters, induction disassemblers, etc., which are widely used in petroleum, coal, locomotive, automobile, automobile, etc In many fields, such as transmission machinery, it can heat ring-shaped and cylinder-shaped metal parts, such as bearing, gear, piston, shaft sleeve, motor housing, coupling, wheel center and tyre of railway locomotive, so as to make them expand to meet the needs of interference assembly or disassembly. Induction heating technology completely changes the previous oven drying, hydraulic flushing, oil bath boiling and knocking installation methods. Its advantages are saving money, fast, environmental protection and demagnetization. It is a reliable partner for users at home and abroad!

              "Zhuangyuan brand" series products are novel and unique, energy-saving and efficient. They have been selling well in the market with high quality and low price. They have been creating high-end brands, setting up industry benchmarks, people-oriented design concept and high-quality and fast after-sales service, which are deeply trusted by the majority of users. Continuous scientific and technological innovation, and strive to do better is the source of power, high-quality staff, perfect management mechanism is the cornerstone of the development of No. 1 electrical appliances, to win with quality, to win trust with honesty, to achieve a significant competitive advantage with flexible business strategy!

              Zhuangyuan Electric is willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign manufacturers and distributors with exquisite technology and considerate service. We warmly welcome all colleagues to work together to seek common development and create a better tomorrow!


              Energy saving and high efficiency

              20 years of experience, continuous technological innovation

              • 20 years dedicated to improving the quality and performance of induction heating products
              • Has served 4000+ enterprises, accumulated a lot of experience and unique use of energy-saving system

              Heat evenly and expand in equal amount

              Master core technology and purchase famous brand accessories

              • Well known electrical original, easy to replace
              • Ultra thick pure copper coil, each equipment has three groups of flat copper coil
              • The shell is made of 304 thickened stainless steel

              Easy to operate for long life

              Strict management, professional production team to ensure product quality and heating effect

              • High insulation wire coil frame, ensuring long service life of equipment
              • High standard customization of core materials
              • Professional production team, standardized production and installation,

              Quick response of after-sales service

              Let you reduce investment and run without worry

              • Free 1-to-1 customized solution
              • The technical team provides 24-hour service and responds to the demand immediately

              24-hour hotline:+8613813682742

              Committed to equipment development and productionConsult immediately for product quotation




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