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              Welcome to the official website of Changzhou Zhuangyuan Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd!

              Motor case heater


              The motor aluminum shell heater (aluminum shell heater) uses the electromagnetic induction principle to heat the motor and water pump shell quickly. The motor shell is heated evenly and expanded rapidly, which meets the requirements of the interference heat sleeve assembly between the shell and spindle.

              Equipment features

              1. Power frequency induction heating, the shell is heated evenly. High thermal efficiency and fast heating speed.

              2. Digital time control, automatic tripping function, overheat and overload protection.

              3. Convenient operation, suitable for assembly line, fast heating speed and strong practicability.

              4. It can be heated continuously for a long time, and can be used immediately. It has stable performance, clean and pollution-free.

              5. Different yoke iron can be matched according to different casing diameter.

              6. The equipment is easy to maintain, no need to purchase parts, no vulnerable parts, long service life.


              Equipment style

              1. The two end through-hole motor shell adopts rocker type heater, which has two styles of single station and double station, and can be purchased according to the output.

              2. The motor shell with blind hole (one end with bottom) adopts vertical aluminum shell heater, and the aluminum shell is heated vertically.

              Note: special type housing, special material housing (such as stainless steel, cast iron, etc.) can be customized according to the needs. The following is the picture of motor aluminum shell heater.


              The automobile motor shell, new energy motor water-cooled aluminum shell and large stretch aluminum shell heater developed by the company have fast heating speed, greatly improving heating efficiency and shortening heating time. Unique in the industry, strength is surprise.



                Energy saving and high efficiency

                20 years of experience, continuous technological innovation

                • 20 years dedicated to improving the quality and performance of induction heating products
                • Has served 4000 + enterprises, accumulated a lot of experience and unique use of energy-saving system

                Heat evenly and expand in equal amount

                Master core technology and purchase famous brand accessories

                • Well known electrical original, easy to replace
                • Ultra thick pure copper coil, each equipment has three groups of flat copper coil
                • The shell is made of 304 thickened stainless steel

                Easy to operate for long life

                Strict management, professional production team to

                • High insulation wire coil frame, ensuring long service life of equipment
                • High standard customization of core materials
                • Professional production team, standardized production and installation, ensure delivery on time

                Quick response of after-sales service

                Let you reduce investment and run without worry

                • Free 1-to-1 customized solution
                • The technical team provides 24-hour service and responds to the demand immediately

                24-hour hotline:+8613813682742

                They all chose Zhuangyuan electrical In the past 20 years, Zhuangyuan electrical has provided high-performance products to more than 4000 enterprises

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